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For Pauline Bernon

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When the conference he’s attending ends, all Jordon Cutler wants to do is climb on a plane and return home to his fiancée, Melissa Bremmer.  But, with a hurricane twisting up the eastern seaboard and an old friend demanding a favor, Jordon is about to experience the seedy underside of Atlantic City tourists don't often see.


Fueled by booze and desperation, Bernard Hewitt has decided Atlantic City is going to pay him back for every lousy thing that has happened to him in his life.  Unfortunately, the one and only lucky day he’s ever experienced comes at Jordon’s expense.


What began as a run-of-the-mill homicide investigation for Detective Luther McKinley and partner Brenna Sterling is quickly becoming complicated.  When they discover their number one suspect has close ties to Jordon, McKinley’s full attention turns in Jordon's direction.


As well as having to deal with Hewitt and McKinley, a jealous bouncer and his dimwit sidekick are planning on beating Jordon senseless (or worse) over circumstances only they understand.  If that weren’t enough, the owner of the Lucky Thirteen Saloon believes Jordon has stolen one hundred and fifty grand of unwashed cash.  He wants it back before a psychotic enforcer named Mr. Blonde comes to town looking to collect.


It is all a little much for one man to deal with, so Melissa decides to help Jordon put an end to the whole mess, because despite having her own personal demons at least as ferocious as the hurricane, love is worth the effort.


It’s just a typical night on the town, in America’s Favorite Playground.

Kevin Lamport

A Night on the Town is not a police procedural or even a mystery.  Although it contains (basic) elements of both genres, this is much more a crime and action-adventure novel.

If you're in search of a story torn straight-from-the-headlines, with real world, procedural accuracy, grab anything by Ian Rankin or Michael Connelly.


Actually, spend some time reading both of those guys.  They're brilliant procedural fiction writers.


And, spend time with A Night on the Town, a dark novel that blurs the line between good and bad and moves like an action-adventure.

Strange song list?  Let's call it eclectic and try to go with it.  It makes more sense in the context of the novel.

Listen to the songs referenced in the novel, A Night on the Town, with Spotify


(You will need to download the FREE Spotify app)

Thank you, Spotify.

Lego Batman enjoying a new action-adventure novel. Thanks JS!

Friends don't let friends skip leg day...unless they have a good book to read.

Different kinds of darkness

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