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Random nonsense - in 1000 Words or Less

A bi-weekly blog that will be close to, but not necessarily, 1000 words or less.

Princess Leia Organa - in 1000 Words or Less

In 1977 the world met Princess Leia Organa. In 2019, under JJ Abrams talented direction, the Skywalker story will come to an end, assuming Disney doesn’t change its mind. Again. In the forty-two intervening years, we saw Leia Organa transition from a young princess, beautiful, angry and aggressive, sweet…when she wasn’t standing as a warrior with the rest of the Rebel Alliance, into a General, dignified, calm and controlled, sensitive…and still a warrior with the Rebels. In May of 1977, I saw Star Wars with my father and sister. For a long time afterward, I was fascinated with the world George Lucas created. I liked Luke because he was the protagonist we all want to be, a normal guy who

My favourite book - in 1000 Words or Less

I'm reading The Power of One. Again. I've lost count of the times I've read, listened or recommended Bryce Courtenay's first novel. https://www.penguin.com.au/authors/bryce-courtenay Way back when, I picked it up hesitantly. I don't typically read literary fiction but this book came heavily praised and getting out of my comfort zone occasionally (some people call it a rut), is generally an excellent idea… I read The Power of One the first time, and every subsequent time, for the story it is. Perhaps Courtenay wrote it hoping for more. If he did, I’m sure he succeeded. Questions about religion, race relations, and the power of one (“…one idea, one heart, one mind, one plan, one determin

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