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Random nonsense - in 1000 Words or Less

A bi-weekly blog that will be close to, but not necessarily, 1000 words or less.

Sports is a story - in 1000 Words or Less

On November 18th, the chequered flag waved in Miami, ending the 2018 NASCAR season. Thankfully, Kyle Busch did not win the championship. My interest in NASCAR has waned over the last two or three years, but I still pay enough attention to keep track (and celebrate), when that ass-hat loses. I know most people in Canada don’t watch racing. They might even describe NASCAR as, “…red-necks driving fast in circles,” which is sort of like saying, “…a hockey player is a failed figure skater who needs a stick to prop himself up.” Any sport can be reduced to Silly if a person isn’t interested in understanding it. But when we take the time to learn the sport and know the players, a game or race i

Pulp Fiction - in 1000 Words or Less

Twenty-four years ago, on October 14, 1994 the movie Pulp Fiction hit the big screen in a big way. I saw it with a friend in Calgary. We walked out of the theatre and for a few minutes neither of us knew what to say. Eventually, I got profound and said, “Wow!” and he said something like, “That was something.” Close enough. It was twenty-four years ago. The point is, the movie blew us away. It blew everybody away. Love it or hate it, I’ve never met a person who was ambivalent about it; there’s never an in-between. The film was nominated for seven Oscars including best picture, ultimately losing to Forest Gump. Pulp Fiction did win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Deservedly. I

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