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Random nonsense - in 1000 Words or Less

A bi-weekly blog that will be close to, but not necessarily, 1000 words or less.

A "real" writer - in 1000 Words or Less

Several years ago, I was a member of an online writing group. As with any activity, finding people with similar interests enhances it so I assure you, a writing group isn’t as incredibly boring as it sounds. In fact, I made a good and enduring friendship with an individual from one of the groups. During one of our meetings, I referred to writing as a hobby. In doing so, I incurred the wrath of two other members. They were of the opinion that, since they worked hard in an effort to (hopefully one day), make their living as authors, calling it a “hobby” demeaned it. “Hobby” didn’t sound serious enough. I maintained that writing is an enjoyable way of killing spare time but until I made a

A Christmas wish - in 1000 Words or Less

You know how Christmas can sneak up on a person, despite the decorations and music that land like an artillery barrage the day after Halloween? Well, that happened to me this year so although I was going to talk about being (or not being), a writer in this post, I’m going to delay that subject until next time. And, since December is a busy month for all of us, and finding writing time is difficult for me, and I suspect finding reading time is difficult for you, I’ll keep this short and limit it to a few random comments… To all of you, Merry Christmas! If that offends you, go away and never come back. Seriously. Go hide under the bed or in the basement and let the world get on with things

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