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Random nonsense - in 1000 Words or Less

A bi-weekly blog that will be close to, but not necessarily, 1000 words or less.

Complaints, compliments and reviews - in 1000 Words or Less

A novelist friend of mine published three books with a small press publishing company. She’s not eating Kobe beef on the royalties but her books sold well enough to pay off her advances and attract the attention of some local professional critics, i.e. those who get paid to offer their opinion, as compared to the rest of us. The reviews were generally positive. Until one came along that wasn’t. Justifiably, my friend was upset. By the time a novel is ready for general consumption, countless hours of time and effort have gone into making it as good as an author feels it can be. A negative review devalues all that hard work in a matter of minutes. Of course, anyone who puts himself out th

Strong female protagonists - in 1000 Words or Less

I saw the following conversation the other day, on the website everyone loves to hate… Person 1: “What a beautiful little baby. What’s her name?” Person 2: “Leia.” Person 1: “Like, Princess Leia?” Person 2: “No. Like General Leia.” BOOM! Everyone cheer. Person 1 got TOLD. Listen loser…er, uhm…Person 2: If you’re going to make ridiculous PC comments, at least get the details right. It’s General Organa. Princess Leia. General Organa. Simple, right? (Shake my head in exasperation). Too bad the only thing that mattered to Person 2 was an imaginary status ladder on which a General (for some unknown reason), ranked higher than royalty. She probably strained muscles patting herself on t

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