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Random nonsense - in 1000 Words or Less

A bi-weekly blog that will be close to, but not necessarily, 1000 words or less.

Canadian winters - in 1000 Words or Less

When the left front tire blew, I was travelling ten or fifteen kilometres per hour faster than I should’ve been, given the conditions. I took my foot off the gas pedal as the van slewed left. Trying to continue forward in a straight line, I wrestled the steering wheel but the soft, deep snow on the shoulder, sucked the vehicle sideways. All I could do was prepare for the impact. I slammed into a huge snowbank and came to an abrupt stop. A spray of snow fanned across the windshield and over the roof. A second or two later, when realized I wasn’t hurt, I dropped the transmission into Reverse and without any great hope, tried backing out of the snowbank. When that didn’t work, I put the

Friends in far places - in 1000 Words or Less

A few years back, an individual told me, “The most interesting people I know, don’t watch TV.” I thought that an extreme statement. We’re living in the so-called Golden Age of Television. A person doesn’t have to look too hard (especially if he gets away from network TV and reality show garbage), to find excellent programs, no matter what his taste. But, I took his meaning… …until he ruined it when he interrupted a different telephone conversation by saying, “I’ve gotta go. You’re interrupting my show.” He was talking about Survivor, of all things. My first (admittedly) overly-harsh thought was, If you’re going to be a hypocrite, you could at least do it while watching something decen

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