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For those of you who read Death and a Few Days Off (thank you) and wondered why Chloe ended up in the trunk of a Dodge Intrepid, you'll find the answers in the Flipbook below.

Chloe & Copper is not a short story.

These are new chapters that weren't included in the original novel because Death and a Few Days Off is more Jake's story than Chloe's.  Think of them as bonus scenes, like you'd find on a new release Blu-Ray. 


If you haven’t read the novel, I encourage you to do so before you read Chloe & Copper as these scenes do contain spoilers.

The following pages pick up a few minutes after the conclusion of the novel.

To read Chloe & Copper in full screen format, use the square icon located on the bottom right of the Flipbook.  Use the download icon to save Chloe & Copper as a PDF for offline reading.

Listen to the songs referenced in the novel, Chloe and Copper, with Spotify


(You will need to download the FREE Spotify app)

Thank you, Spotify.


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