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Welcome to Kevin Lamport's website.  He thanks you for dropping by; he very much appreciates your interest and your time.

Kevin is an airline pilot by day and by night he (slowly) writes action-adventure novels.  Prior to joining the airline, he flew small ski and float equipped aircraft in northern Ontario and Manitoba, as well as in the arctic territory, Nunavut.  He is married.  Most days happily.  His wife continues to be a source of support and inspiration, after more years than either of them care to count.  They live with their pets (Harley and Malibu), in the always sunny Pacific Northwest.  On his days off he enjoys hiking, riding his motorcycle, running for fitness, and travelling, which is tricky because he dislikes airports.

Femme Fatale is Kevin's latest novel and is available now.

Also, look for Death and a Few Days Off, A Night on the Town and A Different World.  All four novels are available in print or eBook format at Amazon, iTunes and other fine retailers.

Ctrl, Alt, Dead, a 66 page action-adventure eBook (or audio book), is available at Amazon, iTunes, and other fine retailers.

Feel free to drop him a line.  He'd be happy to hear from you. And, if you have an interesting photo of yourself (or someone you know) pretending to read one of his books, send it to him.  He might put it on this website!

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There's never a bad time for a good book!

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