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For Marius Bernon

Ctrl, Alt, DeadKevin Lamport
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Peter Lewis has a decent job, a devoted girlfriend and a bright future that begins with college in the fall.  And, he's about to lose everything to an obsession that no one, including Peter, understands.


It begins as an idle diversion, but as Peter's grasp on reality slips, the demons grow stronger.  His health deteriorates, his job is in jeopardy and the people around him, including the person he loves the most, begin turning away from him.


To save everything, Peter will have to overcome an overwhelming addiction and escape from a world that seems to have no exit.  Are the demons real?  Worse, have they already conquered him?

Ctrl, Alt, Dead is a 66 page action-adventure eBook with sci-fi leanings.


It is not Star Wars or Star Trek.  Neither is it fantasy, in the vein of Brandon Sanderson's series, The Reckoners, which I highly recommend.

If you have 2.99 to spare and a limited amount of time, Crtl, Alt, Dead has action-adventure to keep you entertained and a shading of sci-fi to keep you guessing.

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If you plan to read Ctrl, Alt, Dead on your computer, Adobe Digital Edition 4.5 is a free app, useful for reading an ePub on a computer.

The world's greatest detective tries to figure out why an eBook requires a bookmark.

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