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Justin virtue signals, Canadians suffer - a blog, in 1000 Words or Less

Virtue signalling: "The sharing of one’s point of view on social or political issues, often on social media, in order to garner praise or acknowledgment of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, or to passively rebuke those who do not."

Every time I somehow harness my utter contempt for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal sycophants, he does something else to prove how incredibly incompetent he is, validating the hard-to-deny fact that he’s irreparably damaging our country. Justin is currently embroiled in three scandals:

The unnecessary use of the Emergencies Act,

Pressuring RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki to meddle in the Nova Scotia mass shooting inquiry, in an effort to further his firearms agenda and,

Dismissing Chinese interference in our elections with the glib statement, “...there was no foreign interference in a way that would have changed any of the results in any significant way.”

Most of us have forgotten his previous scandals—after so many it’s difficult to keep track—but another enormous screw-up has come and gone and to my mind, it deserves more attention than it received. Canadians have reason to be outraged: Germany made a deal with Qatar. The tiny autocratic middle eastern nation will supply two million tonnes of LNG a year to Germany over the next fifteen years. “The multi-billion-dollar deal comes just three months after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a rare official visit to Canada for the explicit goal of securing Canadian sources of liquid natural gas.” During his visit, the Chancellor made it clear that Canada’s LNG was his first choice.

Not surprisingly, the man-child’s answer was as superficial as they always are: There has “never been a strong business case” for Canadian LNG exports to Europe.

My head exploded a little bit when I read that.

I suspect many Canadians don’t know about the Germany / Qatar deal. It hasn’t made big headlines and many of us have become so weary of Justin’s brand of politics and the effective majority government he’s formed with the NDP, that we don't listen anymore. I know one individual (one among many, I'm sure), who freely admits she ignores politics. Other than voting on election day, her attitude is: “Nothing I say or do will change what’s happening. I prefer to avoid the stress of thinking about it.” It’s hard to counter that logic but I think I can make a persuasive, pay-attention kind of argument:

Fifteen year, MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR deal.

Case closed.

The positive impact this country might have realized with an investment of that size is difficult to calculate. For instance, multi-billions of dollars would have put a dent in Justin’s woke agenda; he could have used it to further his ridiculously impossible net zero goal. Alternatively, the money could have been used for something real and valuable and substantive such as infrastructure, clean water, education, health care, veteran affairs (in case a vet ever asks for more than Justin can give), etcetera, etcetera. I realize these are pie-in-the-sky examples, but are they any more unlikely than trying to meet our energy needs with wind, solar, and treadmills attached to our furnaces?

Until the Russia / Ukraine war began, Russia supplied fifty percent of Germany’s natural gas requirements. The war turned off the tap. Suddenly, Germany no longer had enough natural gas to meet its energy needs. This shortage, combined with a policy centered on wildly unreliable wind and solar energy, means a modern, wealthy nation of 84 million people is now suffering through black-outs and brown-outs, while paying the highest energy prices in Europe.

Justin had the opportunity to make the LNG deal. In doing so, he could have had it all: vast amounts of money for Canada, the potential for more European LNG deals, and the opportunity to take away support (in a small way), from a country known for its rejection of gay rights, its abhorrent treatment of women, and a foreign worker policy akin to slavery. Instead, a friendly nation with social values similar to ours was forced to make a deal with Qatar. I guess the man-child’s blatant hatred of the oil and gas industry and his arrogant belief that he’s smarter than the people he works for, trumps key points of his Liberal policy...human rights make great talking points but they’re inconvenient. It’s much easier to look smug and virtue signal on television:

Oil and gas bad. Wind and solar good.

But, wait…wind and solar failed the Germans!

Fingers in ears: “La, la, la, la, la, la, la.”

Canada is a country of lost potential. We owe more money than we can possibly repay. Our national debt grows by over six million dollars an hour thanks to a “leader” who doesn’t think about monetary policy. Infrastructure is in shambles, we can’t meet out military commitments and the middle-class quality of life is plummeting.

That said, why make a deal that would bring billions of foreign dollars into the country? Why put thousands of citizens to work in support of LNG, all of whom would spend money on houses and vehicles and dance lessons and hockey equipment?

Justin's best before date came and went in 2015. However, for better or much, much worse, he is who we’ve got, thanks to Jagmeet Singh, the great enabler and unapologetic hypocrite. Justin’s denial of Canada’s resource-based economy aligns perfectly with Singh’s environmental ideology, which frankly baffles me. Isn’t the NDP supposed to represent the blue-collar working man, the kind of hard working individual who’d build a refinery, or maintain heavy equipment at a mine, for example? Why is he actively helping Justin kill the industries in which his (supposed) base is employed, all in an effort to do something as nonspecific as “save the environment?”

I don’t understand.

Not long ago I had a brief conversation with someone who thought the coalition between Justin and Singh was a good idea. He felt it would progress environmental issues that weren’t being adequately addressed, as if government had no other priorities. The conversation was short. I refuse to debate issues such as these with anyone; this individual could no more convince me that one less pipeline would mark the beginning of an era filled with pink bunnies and wild flowers, than I could convince him to acknowledge reason and common sense. What we should have been able to agree upon is that the Liberal NDP coalition is an abomination, contrary to the principles of how government should work in this country. We are supposed to have a democratically elected leading party and an opposition that keeps them honest. When the party in power does something particularly egregious (as Justin does on a monthly basis), the opposition is supposed to trigger an election. If this check and balance disappears, the only interests being served are those of the power-hungry individuals at the head of each party.

Let’s face it, Jagmeet Singh is as close to the top as he’ll ever be. He has an agenda that he knows will never come to fruition. The only way to potentially turn some of his platform into reality, is to forsake his real job as opposition and align with Justin on environmental issues, which conveniently gives Justin the majority government he so desperately wants and Singh the unrealized power he so fervently craves. Without the coalition, Singh would disappear, very few people would care and the country would be better off for it because Justin would no longer have free reign, as is supposed to be the case in a democratic system that was modeled on a proven methodology dating back well over a century.

Maybe the three scandals Justin is involved in right now (four if we include the dismissive shrug he gave Germany), aren't all that significant. Maybe the biggest scandal, the one we should be most angry about, is the blatantly self-serving coalition government he's formed, to the detriment of those Canadians who would directly benefit from a multi-billion-dollar deal...which when you think about it, is every single one of us.

Here’s a helpful link detailing some of Justin’s most infamous failures.

Hilariously, or sadly, this list is far from complete. Written over a year ago, it only names seven of the man-child’s scandals! No matter where you land on the political spectrum, you have to admit, Justin is an expert on scandals. Woefully inept at everything else he touches, he’s got scandals dialed in. I suppose everyone is good at something.


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